IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
Genre: Drama / Horror / Thriller
Size: 1.94 GB
Runtime: 1hr 40 min

Tommy Olson is seeing things again. He can’t make out what it is, just like what he told the police that one fateful night that deadly accident occurred. Tommy can’t shake the thought of a darkness following him since that night, and that there’s someone moving in the shadow of his every step. Maybe that’s why he’s not performing so well in law school. That, or the fact his father, brilliant former defense attorney Dan Olson, is also his teacher. Exhausted from the pressures from his mom, two sisters at home, and his father’s bullying at school, he graduates and makes an effort to carve his own path. Tommy feels the only way he can measure up, is if he pushes himself to join a law firm separate from his father’s connections, in the prying eyes of his family. But a dark force surrounds the Midwest suburb, and people from his past who are reported dead by a mysterious killer, who is stalking them at random. The visions of deathly premonitions become stronger as Tommy starts his first day as part of the new law firm. Tommy meets Olivia and it was a welcome romantic interest that pulls him away from the chaos of his life. The sparks between them are quickly snuffed out by blood soaked memories unlocking in his mind. Tommy must decide whether to share these visions with her or to keep a secret. He can’t help but feel he is being shoved into a sinister puzzle he does not want to put together because he just may be, the last piece.