IMDB Rating: 5.9/10
Genre: Romance
Size: 1.55 GB
Runtime: 12hr 0 min

Manu (Goo) loves his Hawaiian homeland. His heart is in conservation, knowing full well his family’s hotel needs to make big changes to how the business operates. His family resists his costly suggestions, wanting to stay competitive with bigger resort hotels on the islands. Sara Hamilton (Cole) is the best friend and maid of honor in her friend’s wedding, which is being held at Manu’s hotel. She has had trouble getting her foot into the world of environmental protection and is starting to lose hope she’ll be able to pursue what matters most to her. When Sara and Manu meet, she has all kinds of suggestions for making the hotel a more sustainable business, but her overzealous approach only rubs Manu the wrong way. Leading up to the wedding, Manu and Sara find out they are in fact kindred spirits. Manu needs help getting his family on board to manage the business the right way, and Sara needs to balance her work passion with enjoying life that is too quickly passing by. In the partnership that forms, they discover they make the right kind of team, especially as an unexpected love for each other enriches their dream of making the world a better place.